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WorldCup 2018 live broadcast

Android Solutions
This is a Android J2ME MIDP RUNNER so that *ANY* J2ME or MIDP applications can run without modification. Developers can enter the Android Market quickly. You can use your familiar development environment such as J2ME and MIDP or easily port your existing J2ME Application to Android with minimum code change. Users can use java applications directly inside Android

USPTO Patent Prosecution History-all Text Version
Allow you read USPTO Patent and its Prosecution History in any mobile device
Real Time Olympic Games in the Map
iReal Time display Olympic Games status in a world map and allow you to watch missed games

Informaiton about the The First IEEE International Workshop on Next Generation Autonomous Storage and High Performance Computing (NGASHPC 2008)in conjunction with ICCCN 2008
Mobile Patent
Methods and systems for running multiple operating systems in a single embedded or mobile device (include PDA, cellular phone and other devices) are disclosed. The invention allows a mobile device that normally can only run a single operating system to run another operating system while preserving the state and data of the original operating system. Guest OS is packaged into special format recognizable by the host OS that still can be executed in place by the system. The Methods include: Change the memory protection bits for the original OS; Fake a reduced physical memory space for guest OS; Use special memory device driver to claim memories of host OS; Backup whole image of the current OS and data to external memory card.
Ajax Patent
Netmite Fundamental Patent 6,418,462 Embraces Ajax, Web 2.0, P2P and Distributed Computing
Palm and Older Solutions
Netmite released the world's first Audio player for Palm. It quickly gathered 25,000 downloads world wide.
Netmite Chinese version

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