USPTO patent procesution history

USPTO Patent Prosecution History- all Text Version
Allow you read USPTO Patent and its Prosecution History in any mobile device

Olympic Games in progress

Real Time Olympic Games in the Map
Real Time display Olympic Games status in a world map and allow you to watch missed games

PPT Document processing

PPT Traslator
Translate PPT document to other language, or extract text info from an exisitng ppt file

App Runner

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You could Play with over 40,000 FREE Games by this tool. Run Any Java/J2ME/MIDP NATIVELY. App Explorer help find existing Java/J2ME games.
Integrated with Browser-Browse any j2me site click to run any jad/jar. Auto-convert j2me into Android package on the fly

You can immediately port your existing J2ME Application to Android WITHOUT source code.

You may also use "barcode scanner" from android market to instantly scan the right image to install.

Browse Developer Uploaded Applications

Convert existing j2mes into apk & upload to Android Market.

Notes about Security

Why user need download Netmite App Runner on the very first time

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Install To Phone

adb shell chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
adb install C:\<PATH TO YOUR DOWNLOAED andme.apk>\andme-signed.apk

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