We GUARANTEE that there is NO VIRUS in the runner.

Please add Netmite J2ME/MIDP/JAVA Runner to the trusted application list in your phone.
Here is the reason:
Some people who uses virus scanner like security may notice that it reported J2ME runner had requested many permissions, such as send/receive SMS, accessing contact lists etc.

1. Why we need those permissions.

The reason is that J2ME Runner is a platform and sharedlibrary, similar to a system component because it is needed to run * ANY * Java or J2ME applications. So far, we support the complete J2ME Spes and JSRs:
  • JSR 75 - PIM (Personal Information Manager) Package API
  • JSR 82 - Bluetooth API
  • JSR 120- Wireless Messaging API
  • JSR 179- Location API
  • JSR 135- Multimedia API
  • JSR 185- Java telephone API
  • JSR 177- Security and Trust Services API
  • JSR 256- Mobile Sensor API
  • Nokia API
  • Siemens API
    It is those shared library that requires corresponding Android Permissions in order to function in the device.

    2. Our RUNTIME Secuirty mechanism make it MORE secure.

    Even you grant the permissions, it does not mean that any java application/game that is running IS ACCESSING your contacts or send SMS without your notification.
    On the contrary, we are more secure than most Android applications because first, we only invoke those permissions on demand and second, we do Runtime check for every high risk operations and ask for user permissions, such as sending SMSes.
    Traditional Android security mechanism is that once the permission is granted, the application can do the operation without user interaction.
    However, J2ME runner is working hard to check the permissions WHEN THE APPLICATION IS REQUESTING at RUNTIME, and then ASKING for USER PERMISSIONS before granting such permission to the requesting applications.
    This can give users additional security warranty from malicious code or virus.

    3. Warnings from security package

    So, If you see any warnings from security package claiming J2ME runner is requesting permission, please ignore it OR, add J2ME runner to the trust list because it is normal behavior.