Why converted applications requires to download Netmite App(j2me) Runner

Some people/developer may wonder: if I use your service to convert a java/j2me applications into a native APK, when the apk is transfered to device, it may still request that the runner being installed. why is it NECESSARY?

The reason is that:
App Runner, itself, is kinda of shared library that wraps up all COMMON functionality that is SHARED among all j2me or java applications.

However, if a user already installed the App runner before, it will NOT prompt for the user to install.
Only 1 copy is enough and this one copy is shared by all applications. This is similar to other google services, such as Google Voice, in order to reduce memory consumption and code reuse.

There are 3 benefits to the end users:

  • It requires far less memory (image that 100 games each bundled a version of App runner)
  • It allows user to download quicker and reduce bandwidth usage
  • It allows easier upgrade, for example, whenever we upgrade the runner to provide more functionality such as better control, all users applications will benefit immediately.

    As a developer, you may also release the Netmite App runner together to the end user. And it is google android¡¯s limit that does not allow bundle two packages into one package.