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Maximize your revenue
Netmite AdWeb

Once you are a member of Netmite Communities, you can send targeted advertisement to the user groups that has the exact needs.

For any web visitors now you can send targeted advertisement to them to fulfill their requirement.

You can publish your advertisements to anybody at any page.


Show ads relevant to the content on your site
Get Customer and feedback easier - realtime
Netmite Alliance

Netmite Communities allow site owners can get real time feedback of their web site.

Such information may be critical to your business:

  • How users rank your product?
  • What's user's comments for your product
  • What's users recommendation for alternative
  • What is one user talking to another

Netmite Communities can provide ALL of them. ALL FREE without charge.

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RSS feeds

Netmite Communities will soon support RSS feeds, so as site owners, you can receive real time feedback information throw your favorite RSS readers.

Add Communities to your site
Netmite Communities enable interactions between sites visitors and your sales or supports

Enable your online visitors to interact with each other or with your support guys.

The only thing for your support guys to do is to also on line and browsing your own web -- The rest is automatically taken care.

Your sales can answer questions in REAL TIME and your support staff can resolve problems in REAL TIME. FASTER revenue flow and time to market.

Add Communities to MY SITE
Take Netmite with you
Mobile Solutions

Netmite Communities will soon support Mobile, so your users can go on line anytime anywhere.

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