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Q: Does Netmite Communities require installation?

A: Yes and No. Netmite Communities can be used within the Web without any installation if you just want to see who's online and what's the comments in the Internet.

However, In order to make take the full power of Netmite Communities, you need to have Netmite Communities toolbars running. By doing so you can connect with all people in the world that are also on the same web page as you. You can also see immediately any posts/comments for any web pages you are watching.

Further, stating Netmite Communities toolbars in your computer is very easy and straightforward and it is just as simple as 3 steps.

Q: I got some errors during installation of Netmite Communities.... ?

A: Check the following:

If you have popup blocker, you may need to allow the that Netmite Communities or Signed Object. It is similar using Macromedia Flash -- The Macromedia is also an native object that needs to be running on your local computer and you need to enable it.

If you are using Some Anti Virus packages you may need to temporarily disable the Anti Virus software to allow it to work.

Q: How can I stop/hide/disable Netmite Communities?

A: Netmite Communities respect and cares your secuity and privacy and allows you total control of your privacy and security options:

At at time when you feel unformtable about using Netmite Communities, you have the following options:

1. You may disable Netmite Communities for the current page by selecting the menu
2. You may disable all Netmite Communities for all pages by click the "Disable" Button in the Netmite Toolbar.
3. You may hide Netmite Sidebar by clicking the "View" Menu items from Sidebar to None.
4. You may Turn of the Netmite Communities by hiding the Netmite Toolbar and Sidebar .

For both IE/Firefox, Just select View menu then the Toolbar submenu and then uncheck the Netmite Toolbar

Q: How can I uninstall Netmite Communities Completely?

In most cases, there is no need to uninstall the Netmite Communities as you can also have much easier options to stop or disable Netmite Communities, Please see how do I stop/hide/disable Netmite Communities

In the rare cases that you do want to uninstall Netmite Communities, Here is the procedures:

To uninstall Netmite Communities for Internet Explorer:

1. Click the "Start" button.
2. Go to "Run..." menu item and select it.
3. Type "C:\Program Files\Netmite\YoungyoungNet\uninstall.bat"
4. Click "OK."

To uninstall Netmite Communities for FireFox:
1. Select Tools/Extension from menu bar
2. Select Netmite Communities Extension and click it.
3. Select the Uninstall button.

Q: I got blank pages in the Netmite Communities sidebar/or toolbar?

Check your Internet Connections, otherwise Netmite Communities cannot work.

Q: Do I need to restart my computers in order to use Netmite Communities?

A: No, You donot. However, for Firefox, after extension is installed you need to close ALL firefox windows and restart Firefox.

For IE, you will see the new Netmite Communities and Sidebars in any new window that you opened.

Q: I can't see Netmite Communities toolbar, what to do?

A: Select View/Toolbars/ and Check the Netmite Toolbar.

Q: I can't find Netmite Communities sidebar, what to do with it ?

A: For IE: Select View/Explorer Bar/ Netmite Sidebar and Check it.

For Firefox: Select View/Side Bar/ Netmite Sidebar and Check it.

Q: Does Netmite Communities support Firefox?

A: Yes, we are cross platform and we support Firefox 1.07+ and FireFox 1.5 for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Q: After uninstalling Netmite Communities support under Firefox, how come there is a sidebar I cannot remove?

A: Actually, there is a bug in earlier version of FireFox. Here is the reason:

Ií»m writing a Firefox extension that includes a sidebar. Firefox conveniently remembers the status of things like sidebars and toolbars when you close the application down. So if you have a sidebar displayed when you close out of Firefox, when you restart Firefox, the sidebar is still displayed. This is handy until you uninstall the extension and shut down Firefox with the sidebar still visible, as documented in this bug. What happens in this case is that when you restart Firefox after uninstalling the plugin, it comes up with a blank sidebar. In order to get rid of the sidebar, you have two basic options:

  • Reinstall the extension, restart Firefox (the sidebar will display the extensioní»s data again), close the sidebar, close Firefox, open Firefox back up, and uninstall the extension.
  • As documented here, you can go to localstore.rdf in your profile, hunt for a line dictating whether or not the sidebar appears, and delete it before restarting Firefox.

For more details, please refer to

Q: I'm concerned of my privacy, how is Netmite Communitites address that ?

A: Netmite operates can connect you with thousands or millions of users in the Internet in real time and also allow you the ability to read and post reviews for any web pages.

During this process, you got to let the system know which page you are watching so that you can be redirected to all the other users in the world who is also watching the same page. It is similar to the Google Search where you have to type in your keywords in order for Google to search the results matching your keywords.

During this process. NO ONE ELSE will KNOW the web page you are watching, and Netmite will not peek your one personal data as well.

The Only way that another person know which page you are watch ing is that he is ALSO watching the same web page as you are. But there is no way for him to know other pages you have watched. This is similar to that you went to pub and meet lots of new people there, or you went to the chatroom - in order to communicate with others, you have to let them know you are there, and at the time you see others, others can also see you. Those people only knows that you also went to that chatroom but cannot trace your web page history.

In other words, those same issues is the same for putting your emails, bookmarks, IM accounts in the Internet.

In addition to those privacy protection, Netmite added new features to further protect your privacy in the following ways:

1. You can at any time, becomes invible mode to hide your exisitence so others wont know you are there.
2. You can manually clean up your web access history so nobody, including the system cannot see your web access history.
3. You can choose the security or privacy level as you wish.

Actually, knowing users' web page access has long been used by many companies including Google's toolbar and Alexa's Toolbar. And we are glad to see Netmite Communities added additional protection to your privacy in addition to those companies.

Q: During installation, there is a dialog stating that I need to grant permission, what is that?

A: This is standard behavior of executing native code in the browser. It is simialr to Macromedia's Flash.

It is necessary to check the signature of the certificate and verify that the certificate and signature is valid.
Since our code is signed and ahtuenticated by thawte and instantssl. You will be happy to use our code without worrying about any malicious code, spyware or virus.

Please choose "Grant permission" once you verified that the code TRULY IS signed by Netmite Corporation.

Q: When I was using the Netmite Communities, will others know every pages I was visiting?

A: No. Others cannot track or trace your web browsing histories. It is completely under your control.

However, while you enter a new web page, you may see other users who are also in the Web page and they may also see you if you are not in invisible mode. This is similar to any chatroom or public meeting place: when you go to any chatroom or pub, you see others and others see you. However, other people have no knowledge or understanding as which pages you have already browsed or which new pages you will browsing. No one can track your browsing history -- he may just "suddenly" meet you in the web.

Q: I do not want to be seen by others, is there a way to do that?

A: Use Invisible mode.

Q: Will Netmite Communities pose privacy issues for me?

A: No, Although Netmite Communities needs to know the web pages you are visiting in order to retrieve the relevant Comments information and optionally, connect you with all other users on the same web page. Netmite will not release your person browsing history to anyone else without your permission. Furthermore, you may control how long your browsing history be kept in the server side.

Knowing the web pages you have visited has been long been adopoted for long time, such as Netmite's pagerank and Alexa's browsering.

Q: My Netmite Sidebar panel does not display anything, what happend?

A: Check your Internet Connections to make sure you can connect with

Q: More Questions?

A: You may send your questions to
or you may go to Netmite Communities and post your questions/feedback here.

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