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  Post Comments

Comments for any Web page
Ever want to express your opinion for some web page but does not know WHERE to write?
Ever forgot where you have criticized some web pages?

You can post comments on any web page you are watching !
You can organize all your post in one centralized location !

  See Reviews and Comments

Comments from others (Bloggers and community users)
Have you ever forget about the comments you have made in the Internet?

You can review all comments from the web about the current page you are visiting
You can post your own comments

Votes and Ranks

Vote and Rank Web pages
Wondering whether a new website is worth your time?

You can rank immeidately for the page you are visiting.
You can see the current page rank of the web page/site.
Vote now and get your vote count !

Votes Up/Down others

Vote and Rank Users
Agree or disagree with others opinion ?

Vote NOW.
Let's vote his posts up/down.


Real Time discussions with Others who are also on the page
You can see what others are talking about !
You can say hello to all others who are also visiting the same web page
You can make MORE friends than ever

Try as guest

Try as guest
Not sure if you want a permanent account and username ?
You can try it with a single click. Isn't that easy enough ?


Taggings for any web page

Tag anything, anywhere.....


Sign up to earn credits

What's the benefit for signup?
Once signed up, you can post and review comments and have them reviewed under single name.
In addition, for every comments you earned, you are in your way to earn credits.

Enough Credits can allow you become power user or moderators.

Auto Update

Auto Update
There's no need to check for new versions of Netmite Communities; updates are installed automatically, so you'll always have the latest and greatest version.

Flexible Privacy and Security Settings

Manage Your Privacy Easily

Netmite respects and protects our users' privacy. Periodically, the Netmite Toolbar's auto-update feature will contact our servers to see if you're running the most current version. In addition, Netmite will not shre the information about web pages that you view with other users without your agreement.

Futhermore, You have total control of your privacy. To learn more, please read the Netmite privacy policy.

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