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Netmite Communities is fully integrated with your favorite browsers through plugins which empower you full strength of Netmite Communities to get connected to all web Comments in the Internt and millions of users in the Internet while you are watching any web page at real time.

You are now ready to Enter Netmite Communities via Toolbars/Sidebars.

Privacy concerns? - Even after starting Netmite Communities Toolbars, You have the option to disable it at any time. In addition, you have total control of your own security and privacy - you decide what to share with others and what not to share.


Netmite Communities Toolbars are digitially signed and authenticated

Some browsers will prompt you for potential unsafe operations during the start of 3rdparty software and it may prompt you for popups or warnings regarding securities.

For IE, please Click "Allow ActiveX in the IE" and continue the process. It will automatically started without restarting.
For FireFox, XPI plugin is auto installed, however due to limit of FireFox, Firefox needs to be restarted.

Please choose your security and privacy settings ( You can always change it later. )

My Security and privacy settings
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