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Netmite released a new type of social community and search service


Hey there - finally out in the open to you.

It brings true democracy to the Web! You can have your voices heard.

It's our team's goal to make everyone's online life more fun! by aggregating all of your web experience including: to see and post comments or reviews on any webpage; to discuss and chat with anyone who is viewing the same page; to tag on any web content; or to create your own blog ! You can stay connected with anybody as long as you browse any website. In addition, you can meet a whole bunch more people in the world !!!

Image that while you are browsing the web site of Yahoo, you can meet thousands of other users who is also visiting Yahoo. When you browse Google, you can meet other thousands of people who is also watching the Google Web site, and you can also express your experiences, comments about those web pages, and your VOICEs heard by anybody else who is going to visit Yahoo, aol or linkedin. For example, if you like a feature provided by aol, you can tell all the other ebay users.

We know netmite provides a bunch of features, but still need more time to improve, but we wanted to launch earlier to get more people's input. We're making it better every day, so keep checking it out every day.

Please tell us how can improve and what do you want to see.

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