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Netmite built a dynamic Internet platform called Netmite Communities (released on November,2005 at that allows anyone to

  • Interact with all the users who are accessing the same web contents.
  • Review, rank, chat and share with others over any web content.
  • Classify into various communities based on their interests and behavior.
  • Contribute and express himself as united grassroots communities.
Netmite is not a conventional Internet company, what we are doing is bridging Google, Myspace and Blogs, it has the greate potential to change the world

 Technology Advantage

After 9 years of researching and re-architecting the Internet communication based on Peer to Peer technology, we have tapped into the inherent power of the Internet to bring people together and extend their capability to reach their buddies fast, instantly and directly. During the past two years we have been intensively developing and testing the Netmite Communities.

Netmite has developed a unique type of Internet communities called resource-based communities and we have over 11 US and international patents issued and ongoing (6,418,462 PCT/US 05/285.. 10/710,... 60/596,... 60/596... 10/710,... 10/710,... 10/710,... 09/108,... 09/227,... 09/207,... 60/596... 60/596...).

Business Model  

While we organize and classify users into different communities based on the web contents visited, their role and behavior, it is like you have a cash cow.

We are building the platform to

#1: Target the online advertising and interactive marketing market with size of $22.5 billion per year.

#2 Target the consumer spending market with 375 billion per year.

Financial Objective  

Currently we are privately funded.

We welcome any serious investors that want to grow as Google, Yahoo or SkyPE.


Contact us  

Yongyong Xu
Dana Li

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