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Feb 10, 2006 - Internet democracy Is dying.

Do you know that Internet is no longer a free Internet that everyone can share information with everyone else or everyone can freely publish your ideas or have your voice heard? As of today, the Internet is controlled by many Giants that can manipulate what we see, what we hear and it is the Giants to tell the public what is to be heard. .......More


Jan 28, 2006 - Netmite announced to release Netmite Communities 2.1.8

The new release improves the securities and User Interface.

Jan 26, 2006 - Netmite launched a new website

Netmite re-organized the company website to be easier, faster and simpler to navigate all of Netmite's products and service.

Dec 12, 2005 - Netmite released beta version of the online community service

It brings true democracy to the Web! You can have your voices heard.

It's our team's goal to make everyone's online life more fun! by aggregating all of your web experience including: to see and post comments or reviews on any webpage; to discuss and chat with anyone who is viewing the same page; to tag on any web content; or to create your own blog ! You can stay connected with anybody .......More

Sept 28, 2005 - Netmite released alpha version of a social search service

Netmite is online communities that connect people through a network of interets at any webpage.We are committed to providing an online service/platform/meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. .......More

Apr 23, 2001 - Netmite announced to release Palm Audio Player 1.2 to support

Kyocera Smartphone Series QCP 6035.

Feb 21, 2001 - 5000 Downloads -- Today audio player welcomes its 5000th download user for during the first week. Not including downloads from foreign web sites. almost 1000 downloads per day. 

Feb 17, 2001, Available for Korean palm palmpie_logo.gif (1468 bytes)

Palm Audio Player 1.2 was Released

Feb 17, 2001, New version 1.1.2 is available for download.

Feb 15, 2001, First Release to Public.

Recent Media Coverage of Netmite

"Who will be the leader of wireless streaming media", The Silicon Valley Times  Front Page , February 16, 2001


"NETMITE=Internet+Wireless communication+Other New Inventions", Sing Tao PC Market singtao_logo.gif (1397 bytes), January 13, 2001


Feb 29, 04 by Matt W.

This is a very good wave player for my Palm Vx. I have used it for a few months and the only reason i rated it 4 is because if i play a small music clip over and over again for a few times, and then click the home icon, it generates a Fatal Exception. Aside from that, a very very good program.

Feb 11, 04 by Josh Carlson

This is a killer program on my trg pro. Its awesome to be able to play otr's and music while reading ebooks or playing games. LOVE the app. Wish author would update it so it would run on my he330 tho :(

Feb 25, 02 by Marko P

This is a great program. Yes, I do agree that sound quality is very low, but there is actually songs coming out of your palm. I do agree, someone who wants to listen to music on his handheld should buy something more capable, but people who don't need that feature so often or at all, gives capability to do it in an emergency. Great stuff

Nov 21, 01 by Alex M

WOW! Much better than any other music player on the net! The sound actually sounded good on my horrible sound on the palm of mine.

Sep 30, 01 by Jon Feero

The BEST ever!!!! At first I thought it would make an anoying beep like a cell phone ring tone would but to my amazement it was ok, not the best sound in the world a bit muffled but deffinaly music was comming out of my Palm!!!!!! Very easy to use and instail and comes whith two songs already on in the zip file! I would say this is a very good start in hand held music!!!

Aug 01, 01 by Dan Maloney

This program was BORN to run on the Handera 330's enhanced speaker! Please look into it... downloading now to see if I can get it to work...

Jun 03, 01 by joseph arthur

Great Program! (ok now I must say more).. I tried it on my very first attempt (after loading up files) and its pretty good all things considering my Handspring Prism's speakers are not up to par. I just cant wait for the MP3 version!!

April 19, 2001 by Naveen M

"Very good start to enabling audio files on Palm OS. Should support playing mp3 formats, as Palm Pilots have very small memory. Or even better, should come up with their own new format that can compress mp3 to even smaller files that can play on a palm pilot.Very good product in development." palmgear.compalmgear_logo.gif (5283 bytes)

March 24, 2001 by Mike Gavin

"I thought it worked well on my palm IIIe, But you have to put it up real close to your ear to hear it. I realy wish someone would design attachable speakers. But It is a good mp3 player, because you don't need any harware to listen." palmgear.compalmgear_logo.gif (5283 bytes)

February 20, 2001 from Plymouth UK
"Pretty Nifty !!
I like it. Sounds great on a TRG Pro Registered it straight away." handango_logo.gif (1405 bytes)

February 18, 2001 from Santa Clara, California, 
"AWESOME IDEA! here's a weird yet cool way to put an mp3 file on your palm. just waiting for the pdb converter to work properly..." handango_logo.gif (1405 bytes)

February 18, 2001 from PalmTracker, Editor's Picks: palmtracker_logo.gif (1651 bytes)

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