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Palm Audio Player               


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Feature List (Current Version-1.2):

1. run multiple tasks at the same time, for example,
play the music and check the "schedule" or "to do list"
concurrently, even play games.
2. support .wav and .au audio files and any file size.
3. control volume.
4. small memory consumes, just 38K.
5. support Palm OS 3.1 and up
6. TRGpro will have better voice because of bigger speaker.
7. support most of palm devices, from Palm M100 to Handspring platinum and prism.
8. can delete audio files from MENU.
9. support Kyocera Smartphone Series QCP 6035.
10. users can set how many times to listen to music.
11. user settings will be saved on exit.

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1. You may use the program on multiple computers but not all running at once. You are welcomed to redistribute this evaluation to third parties.

2. The software is copyrighted, all rights reserved.

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