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Palm Audio Player 1.2 release 4/23 Buy now for only $12.95 FAQS

Palm can speak now. You can listen to your favorite songs while working on other applications like calendar, memo pad -- Real multitask !

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Download Hot Audio PDBs for your palm device
PDBConverter (Free) FAQS

Convert any PC file to Palm .pdb file. Use it to create your own audio file. run it here

    Palm Streaming Media .... coming soon....

Internet Solutions

Telnet Server for Windows 1.1  Buy now for only   $9.95

How many times you want to access your working Computer (95 or NT) from home ? Lacking of telnet in Windows make this task extremely inconvenient. Now, with our Java(tm) based Telnet server, you can start your telnet server with a click of mouse, in seconds, no installing necessary, as we always promised,  try/run here now

Share Internet 1.1 Buy now for only $9.95

As many home or offices now begin to own 2 or more computers but only 1 Internet connections (56K modem or DSL). How can you browse Internet from computers not directly hooked with modem? Now with our ShareInternet, if your home/office computers are connected by LAN, you can let all computers share your single Internet connection simultaneously, with complex software-learning, install, or setup process.... With a single mouse click, you can -- try here now !

Internet Radio

Listen to your favorite music or radio station from web browser without any Installation or setup. -- try here now !

Share Console (Free)

If you are a technical support, do you sometimes want to see customer's machine to find out the problem ?
If you are a consultant, do you sometimes hope to share your console with your clients, or want to access to your own computers back home ?
If you have both computers at work and at home, do you sometimes need to see a file in your working computer?

Now with our unique solutions -- ShareConsole, nothing could be easier !
Unlike other remote control software such as PCAnywhere, which requires you to download and install tons of software in both machines; or Telnet, which is not widely available in Windows,
With ShareConsole, You can quickly connect two computers without installation or setup !

Just connect to our web site and click here and you can use it right away ! run it now !

Virtual Time Machine

This is a small utility which can help you run any software under any time without modifying your computer's central system timer. You can use it to test software for Y2K compatibility and so on. Every software you are running can have its own different virtual time, try here now

Distributed Computing

Our unique distributed computing method can turn millions computers in the Internet into a supercomputer. click here for a demo.

Java Utilities

JVMInfo (Free)

If you are writing an applet or application and want to test it for a particular Java Virtual Machine or browser, sometimes you may want to know some infomation about the VM such as System properties or Environment variables or thread infomation. Then this is the utility for you ---- No Installation, No Setup, Just click here to run

Send MailHelper (Free)

Some SMTP Server allows you to access the same POP3 mail account in their mail server before you can send a SMTP Server. However, some mail clinet like Outlook Express 5 does not support this well, then you can run this utilities from your browser and connect to your mail server. While it is connecting, You can use your email client to send your regular emails to SMTP mail server. Click here to run

Easy Web Server

Why another web server ? Is there too many web servers already ? Well, this is not for enterprise, but for casual users. As its name suggest, it is so easy to setup & use, No sophiscated Configuration and professional maintence needed. Just go to the next link and click start and the web server is there running for you ...What a simple solution ! If you don't want it, just close it and there is even no need to uninstall ! try here now

Coming soon ... Many other tools will coming....


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