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Proxy Configuration

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ShareInternet allows 2 or more computers in a household to connect to Internet via a single Internet connection (such as 1 56K Modem, ISDN or DSL) Try here now

Key Benefits

    Step 1, In dial-up computer(which is connected to Internet), open our website and start this product and click Start button to run.

    Step 2, For other computers (which are not directly connected to Internet), modify Internet Explorer or Netscape proxy setting to the dial-up computer and the corresponding port number (default is 1080).

    For example,

    In Internet Explorer 5.0, choose Tools Menu/Internet Options/Connections Panel/ and then click LAN Settings button, check the use Proxy box, in the Advanced portion, specify your server machine name and listening port (1080 by default) in the http proxy and secure proxy fields. Then choose OK to close the Dialog. Click here for Details...

    If you use Netscape 4.x, choose from Edit menu, Preferences, double click advanced in category, click Proxies, then Manual proxy configuration, In the view setup, put your server host name and listening port no in the HTTP and Security fields. Then press OK the close the dialog. Click here for Details...

    That's all ! Now you can enjoy the fun of Internet in all your computers through a single dial-up account or Internet connection.


Easy to use -- No Installation, No Setup, From anywhere, anytime. You can run it directly from your web browser, or you can create shortcut to your local machine (to you desktop or start-up menu) so next time you can click your desktop icon  to run it.
Low cost -- we offer......


Version # Price Try/Order Limit
0.9 1 Free Start now Beta Version
1.1 1 $9.95 pricecut.gif (1682 bytes) Try Now

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