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Netmite Web Computing -- Global Sideband Computing

This method was first published by our paper in 1997. Now it is pending for patent.

In summary, it is a distributed computing method which will utilize the idle computers' CPU time in the whole Internet to achieve a super-computer's computing power.

Unlike some other similar method, Out unique technique is not only the first published method in the world but also requires NO INSTALLATION or DOWNLOAD. This feature significantly improves its easy to use and availability to as many computers as possible.

Please see our demo here.

Computing Console -- You can add computing tasks and see computing results.

Computing Applet -- You need just browse this web page to start the computing. The more people who visit here, the more computing power achieved. !!!

Partners and Investers

We are actively Looking for partners and investers, please contact info@netmite.com or 408-733-7733 for more information.

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